A Keira Knightley Icon Competition

Keira Knightley 20in20
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Knightley20in20 was created for us fans of Keira's who love competition and icon making!

1. This community is Keira Knightley only :)
2. You can choose any images you like exept when we give you theme like: movies only, photoshoots only, candids only, public appareance only etc...
3. Always linked to public posts. These posts must also remain open for the duration of the round.
4. Icons must fit the lj standard (under 40KB, 100x100px)
5. ALL effects are allowed (blending, texture, text..whatever you like)
6. All icons must be new for the round, no previous work will be accepted.
7. Link to your icon post with three previews (three icons).
8. DON'T TAG YOUR ENTRIES, we'll do it for you.
The 20 icons will be divided into 3 types :
1. 10 themes that will change with each round.
2. 5 icons of a single category, a theme that will also change with each round.
3. 5 artist's choice icons, so completely free and up to you, related to your claim.